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Called to Serve:

    As Christians, we are called to serve. I love Galatians 2:1, where Paul went to serve with

Barnabas, and took Titus with him also. He didn’t just go alone! He took people with him!

In 2 Kings 10: 30-31, Jehu did what the Lord told him to, but he did not serve with his heart.

Serve the Lord your God with all your heart, not out of obligation!

   2 Kings 12:15 teaches us that sometimes it is better for ‘lay people’ - those not trained, but

devoted to God - to do God’s work. God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called!

John 3:26 teaches us not to be jealous of the ministry of others! We are all in it to show God’s

Love - not to show what ‘we’ can do!

   In 1 Corinthians 1:17, we are taught that we should work as a team in serving.

1 Chronicles 16:37 encourages us to find ways to serve- even simple ways like even…

cleaning, perhaps?

  I read a beautiful story of an elderly lady who wanted to serve, but travel had become difficult for

her and she had to spend her time at home. She was a pianist and knew that people enjoyed

music, so she gave her phone number out for people to call her if they wanted to hear a hymn

played. Over several months, she had played hymns for hundreds of people. You can serve

where you are!!!!

Would you like to help serve others? I would love for you to join me on my prayer teams! It may seem simple, but here’s how:

Prayer Wall- Commit to join with me in praying daily for the requests on the prayer wall.


  On my home page, click the contact/connect tab and let me know you will join in this daily prayer time.

Prison Ministry- The prison ministry involves reaching out to inmates in several ways:

   * Become a daily prayer partner for a specific inmate.

   * Commit to mailing out copies of the column, “Are You in Prison?” to 10+ inmates. I will

   provide names and addresses, plus email you copies of the column.

   * Commit to praying over every ‘prison road crew worker’ that you pass on the roads or for

every inmate in any jail/prison facility you pass.

Ready to become a part of the Prison Ministry? Sign up here:

Name *

Email *


Thank you! I will be in contact shortly. -Ann

May I Serve You?

   As this website was designed, it was with the intent that something I have shared will be a

blessing or inspiration to you. It was so that I (and others) could pray for your needs. It was to

give you an opportunity to be part of the prayer and prison ministries, as you feel lead by God to


   It was also to let you know that (as God impresses your heart) I would love to serve you, not

only through my writing, but also by speaking and sharing what God has done in my life.

Here’s how:

    * Children’s Ministry- I would love to share with your children’s ministry through skits (always with a costume) that teach Bible stories.

*Youth Ministry-

I partner with Ashley Rae, founder of Passion For Purity (P4P) ministries in providing a time of focus on Jesus Christ being the center of their lives.

The workshop will begin with ECHO presenting a skit. (ECHO is my drama team and stands for Earthly Choices = Heavenly Outcomes.) Ashley will then lead worship and share her tesstimony with the youth, while I will meet with the parents to share some of my testimony and a message on 'Roadblocks in Parenting' that they may encounter while raising their children. Parents will leave with a handout and resources about what was shared at the two hour event.

*Women's Ministry-

I would love to speak to your women's ministry group! God has given me so much to share!

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