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Let's Armor Up

Salisbury Post- March 12, 2016

Anybody in a battle out there? Not only are we facing personal battles, but there

are many happenings in our country and in our world that can be quite

concerning. Ephesians 6:12 says that our battles are against the rulers of

darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Yes,

supernatural power is needed and we have it- through God’s armor around us

and the Holy Spirit who lives within us.


I would like to encourage you to begin making sure you put on your armor of God

each day- as soon as your feet hit the floor, during your devotional time, in

difficult situations - whenever you can. It will be worth the minute it takes.


Here are the steps I take from Ephesians 6:10-18 that help me to be strong in the

Lord and in His mighty power. It is easy to do and can be even more simplified if

you want your children to learn to armor up each day, as well. Children can learn

it quickly and it will help them to better understand God’s Protection in their daily

lives. It is such a great way to get focused and prepared for your day. It has been

a life changer for me…..


*Helmet of Salvation: I am putting on my helmet of salvation. (Yes, actually take

both hands and place that imaginary helmet over your head.) Thank You for my

salvation. Be in my mind and thoughts today. Protect me.


*Breastplate of Righteousness: I am putting on my breastplate of

righteousness. (Use both arms and move them as if you are putting on a jacket.

Then, hold it tightly against your chest as you pray.) Help me live in

righteousness today. Make me into Your likeness. Guard my heart. Protect me.


*Belt of Truth: I am putting on my belt of truth. (Use your hands and imagine the

belt going around your waist. Hold on to it as you pray.) Lead me in truth. Protect

me from forces of evil. Thank You for Your truth that sets me free.


*Shoes of Peace: I am putting on my shoes of peace. (Pretend to place the

shoes on one at a time as you pray.) I pray for peace through the Holy Spirit in

my life as I walk through my day. Lead me to anyone that needs to hear the

Gospel of Jesus Christ. Help me to share that news.


*Shield of Faith: I am picking up my shield of faith. (Reach out for the shield and

picture yourself holding it in your hand as you pray.) Lord, help me to fight off

temptations, fears, and doubts - those fiery darts that may come my way. I claim

victory through Jesus Christ.


*Sword of the Spirit: I am picking up my sword of the Spirit- Your Word.

(Pretend you are picking up your Bible in the other hand and hold it up as you

pray.) Help me to use Your Word to guide my day. Keep it on my heart.


One helmet, one breastplate, one belt, one pair of shoes, one shield, one sword.

Priceless. Enjoy life being armored up. I do

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