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It's My Pleasure

Salisbury Post- February 6, 2016

I love Chick-fil-A. The chicken nuggets, the chicken sandwich, the grilled chicken

club, the waffle fries, the slaw, the fruit cups, the milkshakes. But…. most of all, I

love being handed my order at the drive-through. They say, “Thanks.” I say,

“Thanks.” They say, “It’s my pleasure.” It makes me feel like it REALLY was

their pleasure!


Seven months ago, I began writing columns for the Salisbury Post. Oh, did you

miss some of them? You can catch up right now! Ready?


*The Children- God calls children a blessing and never a burden. Remember

that Jesus took time for the children and so should we.


*Got Fruit? If not, go out on a limb- or a vine. That’s where the fruit is. Show

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-



*Are You Broken? Brokenness shows God’s provision, plan, purpose,

providence, power, and proximity. One day when you least expect it, the sun will

shine again.


*Need Rest? RE-fresh, RE-member RE-store, RE-direct, RE-lax, RE-juvenate,

RE-cover, RE-group, RE-vitalize, RE-connect. Ready….set… REST!


*Ready for School? Sometimes the teacher in me just has to come out. Sleep,

breakfast, good-bye with a prayer, pray at school, God’s Word in their hearts,

converse, connect, homework station, book bags hold info, bedtime talk.


*The Wait- I love adverbs. I waited PATIENTLY for the Lord. He is my headrest,

hearer, handler, holder, healer, help, hope.


*Labor of Love- I’m IN the checkout line, but I will get OUT of line and go back

and get IT for you! Now that I think about it, do we even need to call it labor?

Let’s just call it love.


*Getting Old? I loved my 30th birthday. I laughed about my 40th birthday. My

friends loved and laughed about my 50th birthday. I ignored my 60th birthday. I

need to KEEP WORKING, TAKE HEART, and know that it’s all VERY GOOD!


*The Battle is Real- Encourage yourself. Inquire. Pursue. Help. Ask for help.

Smote to overtake. Recover all.


*What do these stones mean? Yes, they will ask you. Tell them. They need to



*Are you in prison? You can have freedom through a relationship with Christ.

Your heart, mind, and spirit can never be confined to prison walls. People are

praying for you. Accepting Christ will be the best decision you will ever make.


Are you in darkness? You don’t have to stay there. Reach up. The light switch

is right above you. And the Power is always on….


If you would like the ‘pleasure’ of reading any of my columns again (maybe if you

are snowed in for a week or have nothing else to do) they can be found on in the Faith section.


Thank you, Salisbury Post, for making me a columnist. Thank you, readers, for

reading my columns. I would like to say, “It’s my pleasure.”

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