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Immeasurably More Moment

Salisbury Post- May 14, 2016

Are you one of those people who does not want to experience something new

until you understand how it works? I am thankful that’s not me, because then I

might not have electricity. I sure do like to flip that light switch on, but I definitely

won’t be canceling my Duke Energy account because I don’t have a clue how

‘power’ works. A statement I never like to hear: “The power’s off!” Being

POWERLESS is not good!

In a similar way, there is an incredibly huge gap between God’s Power and our

understanding of God’s Power. Do I limit that power in my life by doubting, simply

because I don’t understand how great His Power is? Do I pray big prayers and

expect small answers? Yes, it can be about the small things, but HEY, it can be

about the big things, too! God has the Power!

This. Verse. Is. For. You. And. Me.

Ephesians 3:20 - Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we all

could ask or imagine, according to His Power that works in us.

Breaking down some key words in this verse helps in understanding just how

‘Power-full’ God is:

Now…. means IMMEDIATELY.

To Him who is…. means present tense - RIGHT NOW.

Able…. means has the POWER.

To do…. means to PROVIDE.

Immeasurably…. means CAN’T BE MEASURED.


Than we…. means US!

All…. means ALL!

Could ask…. means to REQUEST.

Or imagine…. means to THINK or BELIEVE the UNIMAGINABLE.

According to His Power…. There’s that word - POWER!

That works in us….. HIS POWER WORKS IN US!

The apostle Paul was on ‘house arrest’ - a prisoner - in what easily could have

felt like a hopeless situation - when he received the inspiration to pen this verse.

Two verses earlier in Ephesians 3:18, he spoke of the total and complete love

God has for us, and how we cannot comprehend how long, how wide, how deep,

or how high that love extends! Yes, He is an immeasurable God who can give us

immeasurably more!

More than I could ask or imagine? That’s quite a lot! That’s what I want - that

‘immeasurably more’ moment when God’s Power leaves me breathless! What is

your dream? Your hope? Your need? Repeat after me: Satan may be raising

cain, but God is able!

God can…. do more than we can ask.

God can…. do more than we can imagine.

God can…. do more than we can even think!

Imagine that! Expand your expectations! Whatever you are thinking, think bigger!

Ephesians 3:20 is what I refer to as a Refrigerator Verse. Write it down. Put it

where you will see it often. (The refrigerator door is a good location, since we

spend so much time opening that door.) Each time you see the verse, pray about

that situation that needs an ‘immeasurably more’ moment. I believe that you will

be shaking your head in amazement at God’s Power and I believe that the

answer to your prayer will be more than you could have asked or imagined!

Let me know when your ‘moment’ comes! You’ll know it when you see it!

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