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Who's Your Teacher?

Salisbury Post- August 25, 2018

A new school year. Back to busier lives. Back to earlier bedtimes. Back to the books.  (Schools do still have books, right?)


And… the teachers. They sometimes become part of our dinner conversation, our car conversation, our homework conversation, and our children’s bedtime conversation.


One of my favorite ‘teacher’ quotes is, “To teach is to touch a life forever.” 


Here are a few teachers who touched my life forever:


  • 1st grade - Fannie Riddle taught me the joy of reading.

  • 4th grade - Melva Hartsell taught me to love learning, and was the reason I first said the words, “I want to be a teacher when I grow up.” 

  • 7th grade - Hope Safrit taught me to love myself.

  • 10th grade - Rachel Edmiston taught me that I could still succeed at school, even though my home life was difficult.

  • 10th grade - Delinda Rodgers taught me that I was not really terrible at math - I just thought I was.

  • 11th grade - Max Chandler taught me that I could actually participate in a class discussion. 

  • 12th grade - Irene Edwards taught me that I was a capable student who needed to go to college… and nominated me for a scholarship to make sure that happened.


My teachers. My life touchers. My life changers. My life lines.


This time of year a question is often asked to our children, “Who’s your teacher?”


I know the answer to that. I can tell you WHO their teacher is:


*Someone who will be prepared to teach them each day.  

*Someone who will instruct, guide, and encourage.

*Someone who will care about meeting their needs.

*Someone who will answer their questions and address their concerns.

*Someone who will make sacrifices for them. 

*Someone who will help them through hard times and fearful times.

*Someone who will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. 

*Someone who will celebrate successes and turn failures into victories. 

*Someone who will laugh with them and listen to them.

*Someone who will show compassion and love.


And that is just a short list of who teachers in our great nation are… 


Life touchers. Life changers. Life lines. 


May God bless the teachers, students, and parents this school year.

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