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Adjust My Attitude

Salisbury Post- March 23, 2019

My slightly older sister has been quite the role model for me. Those were some big shoes to fill as I went through school, having the same teachers she had three years later, and being greeted excitedly with, “Oh, you are Abby’s little sister!” By the end of the first week, they probably said it this way, “Oh, you are Abby’s little sister?” Their hope of me having an IQ or ability to match hers never quite came about.

Perfect sister problems. It even continues to this day. Manager of a large company, always serving others in the community and in her church, rarely critical, perfect kids – well maybe not perfect, but pretty good.

Her recent retirement has been well deserved and really nice. Traveling to visit the family and grandchildren and going on lots of vacations has been a big part of her life in the last couple of years.

But this upcoming trip was to be the most special one. It was to the Holy Land and being a planner, a leader, and one of the nicest people ever, she had talked friends into going on the trip with her.

But, sometimes a STEP is missed. Bones in the foot are broken. Crutches become a new best friend – and worst enemy.

The trip! What was going to happen? She had put her heart into it – and now – would she even be able to go? For once, the sister who never sits sat.

Friends, family, church members, and probably random people on the street were asked to pray for her healing, but as the trip grew closer, closer, and then very close, she knew.

That bone would NOT heal in time for the trip. The disappointment was real. No doubt, depression was trying to settle into her spirit. The time of mourning began.

The day came. They left without her.

I checked in with her that day, in order to offer more condolences. Her response became an instant classic from a perfect sister. She said, “I’m okay. I just had to adjust my attitude.”

Those words sure did hit home. No, not about a planned trip – I have none of those. But, I realized there were areas of my life that instead of waiting, waiting, waiting on circumstances to change, I just needed an attitude adjustment.

*The good news is that she was able to interact from home with her friends through Facebook the entire trip.

*Even better news – She is going on a trip to Alaska in May.

*My not good news – There is still no trip planned for me.

My good news – I can see her Alaska trip pictures on Facebook.

My best news – I will adjust my attitude. I will adjust my attitude.

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