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Don't Forget to Remember

Salisbury Post- May 4, 2019

It was only Tuesday, but the week was already a tough one. Situations that needed my attention were bombarding me. I was determined to maintain the ‘Wonder Woman’ role I try to assume. My ‘had to be attended to today list’ would not be fulfilled. The weight of the week seemed a bit heavy. I was officially behind.

While standing impatiently in a checkout line, I heard the news:

Active shooter at UNC-Charlotte. Two dead. Four injured.

‘Run, hide, fight,’ were the words from a message to students on campus.

Do what?

This was my school.

This was the campus where I had lived.

This was hitting way too close to home.

How must their parents be feeling?

After a whispered prayer, I continued on with my to-do list, and then headed home, but not before making a business call on my way. Still on the phone as I walked in the house, my grandson began asking questions – so I shook my head at him, and stepped back outside to finish the call.

I looked up.

The sky sure was blue.

I realized I had not looked up recently.

The tragedy took place only 20 minutes from my home.

My home. Such an important place.

Then, I remembered –

1. I remembered – I do have time to spend with my family.

2. I remembered – I do have time to be still, take a walk, or sit on my porch.

3. I remembered – I do have time to help a friend.

4. I remembered – I do have time to honor the Lord by praying and reading His Word.

5. I remembered – I do have time to love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, and with all my mind.

And how about that to-do list? Sure, it matters.

But, I had been so busy trying to fulfill it on my own, that I forgot to remember how to get it done.

Oh, were you wanting to know how to get your to-do list done, also?

Here you go:

Refer back to Number 4 and Number 5, but now, let’s change them to Number 1 and Number 2.

1. Honor the Lord by praying and reading His Word.

2. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.

It really works.

We trust Him with our salvation, so I think we should trust Him with our to-do list.

Don’t forget to remember!

Lord, we pray for UNC-Charlotte and for all those affected by this tragedy. Amen

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