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Stepping Stones

Salisbury Post- October 13, 2018

I am a seasoned camper from way back! Too bad I hated it. My childhood family camping trips were tough, because I felt obligated to stay awake in the tent all night, listening for approaching bears.

Somehow, the tradition of camping continued after I became an adult, although it seems logical to me that grilling out at home, walking around in the yard, and then taking a nap in the hammock would be just as enjoyable – and less work.

But, no…. we pack up and intentionally live the wilderness life.

Our favorite campground has a stream within hearing distance, which we visited often. One of those visits became quite memorable.

While standing in the rushing water, I looked up, and there was a bear in the water on my left and a snake in the water on my right. I am not sure of my exact speed at which I exited – or the speed of the bear- or the speed of the snake – but I bolted across some stepping stones that led me right to the edge of the stream. I was out of there in two seconds flat with minimal injuries. I was ready to shout the words from Isaiah 43:2 aloud to anyone who would listen: When I passed through the waters, He was with me!

Stepping stones had obviously been placed there perfectly – and with a purpose – to guide me, to help me, to make my steps easier, and to let me know I was headed the right direction. As soon as my feet were back on the ground, and my heart stopped pounding, I thought about how God places stepping stones in my path daily – for the very same reasons they were there for me that day.

Those stepping stones – sure did make a difference.

The average adult takes 5000-7000 steps a day. Some days, we feel unsure of our steps. Am I going the right direction? Am I doing the right thing? Did I make the right decision?

Are the rushing waters overtaking me? Have I failed? Do my steps even matter?

But…God knows every step we take. He prepares our steps each day. He orders our steps and He orders our stops. God is on our left, on our right, before us, behind us, and in our midst.

And when fear or doubt creeps in – and it will – God gently places stepping stones in our path at the perfect place, at the perfect time, and with the perfect purpose – to help us rise above our circumstance and begin to traverse our path with greater confidence.

Think of them as stepping stones leading to our future home, where we will praise God around the throne.

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