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What's the Manna?

Salisbury Post- January 6, 2018

Hungry? That seems to be a recurring theme for all. Hunger can create

crankiness, irritability, short tempers, and stomach growls. This has been

proven scientifically, as well as by me personally.

Moses was leading two million Israelites out of Egypt to head to the Promised

Land. Constant complaining about being hungry began to become a problem.

Food is really important. And… traveling with that many people, combined

with the hunger factor, could certainly promote complaining.

One morning, as the Israelites began to be awakened by their growling

stomachs, they opened their tent doors and there it was - MANNA.

“What’s the manna?” they said. Moses answered them, “This is the bread

which the Lord gave you to eat.”

They gathered the fresh white pearl sized grains, to which God had added

some sweet honey flavor.

And…so began their daily preparation of manna bread, manna casseroles,

manna pies, manna everything. It was manna here, manna there, manna,

manna everywhere.

But…they quickly discovered it was only sufficient for that day, and the

leftovers began to stink.

So day after day, they opened up their tent doors and there it was again - a

fresh supply.

Hmm….. but they soon began to look to the past and remembered that their

food choices back in Egypt had been fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onion,

and garlic - not just manna. Apparently, instead of grabbing bowls and

spoons to happily catch the manna God sent daily, it sounds as if they were

beginning to put up umbrellas in order to avoid the manna.

Can you believe it? Those complaining Israelites!

God heard them. He was displeased. He was even angry. BUT… He blessed

them anyway, by adding some quail to their daily menu. They still


We wouldn’t do that, would we?

Of course we would.

What’s the manna with us?​

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