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Salisbury Post- December 7, 2019

Shopping? How did Black Friday go?


Black Friday is the name for the day after Thanksgiving, which is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It began in 1952 – although the term Black Friday was not used until 1961. It has become the busiest shopping day of the year.


I personally have refused to ‘buy in’ to the belief that Black Friday has the best deals.


Not me. My plan was to shop from home – on Thanksgiving Day – beginning at 3:00. No fighting traffic, no pushing through crowds, no waiting in line, no trying to navigate where to go when.


A cup of coffee, a slice of pecan pie, and my computer from the comfort of home.


I found a deal! 40% off! I knew it! I knew it! Shopping with the crowd on Black Friday was no real advantage – this store had what I needed – why keep looking? I went for it!


I selected needed items. It was taking some time, but it would be worth it! It was only Thanksgiving Day – and much of my shopping would be done! I am a super shopper!


$600 worth later for only $360 – I smugly shut down my computer – and rewarded myself with a turkey sandwich.


I smiled. I had a heads up on the Black Friday shoppers.


But…sigh…. Black Friday morning arrived. I awoke to an email from the same store I had made my purchase from. It now offered not a 40% off, but a 50% off. Mental math informed me that my $600 purchase could have been $300 – not the $360 I had spent.


Too much time had been spent looking for what I thought was the best deal – and it ended up not even being the best deal.


So – hats off to you savvy shoppers out there!

I tried.


However, there is one great deal none of us can afford to pass up!

In case you missed it, here is some info:


DEAL OF THE DAY! IT’S FREE! We do not even have to make the purchase! It has already been made – when Jesus died on the cross for our sins to purchase our salvation!


Don’t know how to locate the deal?

Here is your special access code: John 3:16


For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


As for Black Friday? And the greatest Door Buster?


No sale – or gift of any price – could begin to compare with the gift the world was given on the darkest Black Friday – as Jesus gave His life for our sins.


And three days later, He became the real Door Buster – as He burst forth from the tomb – giving the world the greatest gift ever given – victory over death!


It was – and is – the deal of a lifetime!

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