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Salisbury Post- April 29, 2017

   2017 is moving along. How is that New Year’s resolution going? You remember. We

were going to exercise more. (Or feel free to insert your resolution in place of mine.)

But, for those of us who failed to make exercise (or any of our resolutions) a priority, we

all understand, don’t we? There are only 24 hours in a day - and we are BUSY! There

are only 7 days in a week. Wouldn’t it be great if ‘Someday’ was one of them?


Occasionally, what I want to become a priority ends up being my last resort!


Sometimes, my excuses even sound empty to me, and I’m my biggest fan! Oh, well.

Guess I can try that resolution again in 2018!

A priority is something that is regarded as being more important than other ‘things’ and

needs to be taken care of first.

We are certainly God’s #1 priority - Psalm 139:17-18 tells us that He thinks of us more

than there are grains of sand. That’s a lot of thoughts!

It should be our desire to make God our #1 priority, but sometimes ‘things’ get in our


Matthew 6:33 clearly states what our priority needs to be - and the results from having

properly prioritized priorities:

*Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and ALL these THINGS

shall be added unto you.

FIRST means before all others, with respect to time, order, rank, or importance.

THINGS means objects that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific

name to. Things are sometimes important and sometimes unimportant, but never as

important as God.

ALL means ALL. So, ALL the things we need will be added.

We need to actively and intentionally seek to make God our priority. How to do that? It

may take some re-prioritizing, but it will be so worth it!

Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church, stated it this way, “We don’t

drift in good directions. We discipline and prioritize ourselves there.”I saw a friend a couple of years ago who said she had just started faithfully exercising. When I saw her again recently, I didn’t even have to ask her if she had continued making exercise a priority. I knew she had, because I could see the results! In committing to daily exercise, the first day we may not really feel like it. The second day, we may not really want to. The third day, it may take some extra effort to find the time. But… eventually - we get to the point that we cannot wait to exercise and would really hate to miss it! That is because we begin to see the results!


Similarly, when we begin to prioritize God in our lives, we will get to the point that we

cannot wait to spend time with Him and would really hate to miss it! That is because we

will see - and feel - the results.

And… others will see the results in us.

And… lives and hearts will be changed forever.

Yes, God is thinking of us more than there are grains of sand, so let’s put Him at the

forefront of our thoughts each day.

Resolve to prioritize priorities with a resolution reset! Ready? Set? God first!

We are God’s #1!

Let’s make Him ours!

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