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Speak Up

Salisbury Post- February 17, 2018

While on a field trip to a farm with my twenty kindergarten students, we saw some

sheep. You know - those beautiful pure white animals that softly and gently say,


Even though they were in a fenced area, and the children were safely huddled

around me, I laughed when one of the sheep emitted a true, “BAA!” My students all

backed away, immediately and collectively, sticking closer than a brother to their


Seriously, though. That “BAA” was really loud! Plus, that fleece was nowhere near

pure white!

Some sheep stats for ‘ewe’ to read:

*They have no survival skills.

*They will follow the sheep in front of them, even off a cliff.

*They bleat, grunt, rumble, snort. (BAA is a bleat.)

*Their main defense mechanism is to RUN.

*Most die because of predators or from stress.

*They have poor vision.

*They feed from dawn to dusk.

*They are often referred to as being dumb.

Some shepherd stats for ‘ewe’ to read:

*They guide their sheep to the best pastures.

*They are skillful, guard, lead, correct, and teach.

*They tenderly search for sheep that stray.

*They protect their sheep from harm.

*They bind their wounds when they are hurt.

*They nurture them through health problems.

*They shear and clean them to provide better mobility and decrease stress.

*They anoint them with ointment to bring comfort when troubled by insects, so

they can rest.

*They stay with them during the darkness of night, keeping them safe.

*They put the welfare of their sheep above their own lives.

Those sheep. They sure are needy.

Those shepherds. They sure are good.

John 10 says that Jesus is the good shepherd, and the good shepherd giveth his life

for his sheep. He knows his sheep. He calls them by name. They know him.

Say this aloud: The Good Shepherd.

Again: The Good Shepherd.

Beautiful words, aren’t they?

We like sheep have gone astray.

We sure are needy, aren’t we?

The Lord is our shepherd. We shall not want.

We once were lost but now are found.

He sure is good, isn’t He?

I don’t know how you feel while reading this, but I sure was thanking God while

writing it!

It makes me just want to look toward heaven, lift my hands in praise, and cry out to

Jesus, saying, “Baa…baa. I need You, Lord! Thank you for being my Good


If we truly get a glimpse of how much our Good Shepherd loves and cares for us, I

don’t think we will need to count sheep to help us get to sleep tonight!

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