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Be the One

Salisbury Post- October 7, 2018

For the third consecutive year, an eighth grade girl organized a “See You at the Pole” event at her middle school.

6:30am. I was there with my middle schooler – and to be honest, it felt a little early and a little dark to me. But, as I stepped out of the car and saw her cheerfully waving her homemade poster emblazoned with these words, “See You at the Pole,” at every person in sight, I knew God was doing something big.

A worship leader that did not even know her showed up, got out his guitar, and began singing, “How Great is Our God,” as parents, students, and community members gathered. At that point, the power of God began to invade our space around the flagpole – and beyond – and I stood in awe – watching God work.


A local pastor stepped forward to pray – the father of a student – who just felt led to show up. His words united our hearts, and I believe everyone there understood on some level the privilege we had at that moment, due in part to the one student who had been willing to be the one.

Attendance in her three years of organizing “See You at the Pole,” had gone from 10 or 20, to easily eclipsing 100 on this day, as some stayed the duration, and others lingered for a few minutes, before heading to class. But, it was not so much the numbers that day, as it was the heart.

One chose to be the one. The one to step up. It took obedience. It took courage. It took commitment. It took doing what God put on her heart to do. Not just one, or two, but three years…never quitting.

I am sure there was plenty of math going on in the school building that day, but none greater than God’s math at the flagpole – seeing the numbers add up and seeing the fruit of her efforts multiply.

As I got back in my car, I thought, “Wow! What happened here?” But, I knew. God had taken one small act of obedience and created a ‘God’ moment for us all.


Be the one. Just as God spoke to this young student to step out, He will speak to our hearts, as well. We just need to pay attention. And be obedient. And be courageous. And stay committed.

You are the ONE – He has work for you to do.

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