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Show Up

Salisbury Post- October 27, 2018

In 1976, I graduated from college, accepted a teaching position, and started earning my annual income of around $9000. 


I immediately did two things - bought a car - and made plans for needed dental work. 


Buying the car was fun. The dental work - not so much. 


Dr. Gibbs, a local dentist, had recently begun his dental practice, so I made an appointment. Then, I surprised myself by showing up for the appointment! Monthly visits were scheduled during that first year, because I had only been to a dentist once while growing up, and I needed help! Months later, he finally said that my dental work was complete, and my next appointment would be for a regular cleaning in six months. 


I believe that day felt better than the day I bought my car.


All I had to do was show up for my appointments.

All he had to do was show up for my appointments.

I kept showing up. He kept showing up.

My dental work was done. Success.


During my first year of teaching, in conjunction with that year’s worth of dental work, I learned one of life’s greatest lessons: Show up.


I did not always want to show up.

I did not always enjoy showing up.

I did not always feel like I had time to show up.

I showed up anyway.


It really is that simple. 


Show up - for family, for friends, for church, for your children’s activities, to volunteer, to visit, to reach out to others.


Show up - to do hard things you may not want to do. 


Show up - to do things that you may not enjoy doing. 


Show up - to do things that you may not feel you have time to do.


42 years later, I still keep showing up at Dr. Gibbs’ office every 6 months - and there has never been a time I walked through those doors that he did not show up, too.

Something about that consistency in both of us over the years paints a beautiful picture in my mind and warms my heart.


It kind of makes me want to yell out to everyone around me, “Keep doing what you are doing! It is important! It will be worth it!”  


Keep showing up, my friends! You really are doing great!

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