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Don't Stop

Salisbury Post- June 10, 2017

On that day in 2013, I just needed a minute alone. We were grandparents raising two

grandsons. We loved them with every fiber of our being and were dedicated fully to

raising them in a Christian home. We loved our lives and were very happy.

But - I was tired! I was feeling that the task was impossible. Tears were welling up in

my eyes as I walked inside Kohl’s, running one of those endless errands - probably to

buy socks.

My friends were beginning to reach retirement and although I enjoyed hearing about

their constant vacations, the contrast sometimes seemed stark, as we were attending

PTO and parent conferences, helping with homework, preparing family meals, playing

with our 6 and 9 year old, and trying to get the bedtime routines to work perfectly, so we

could collapse into our bed as early as possible.

We didn’t seem to fit in with the young parents, but we didn’t fit in with the

grandparents, either.

And… there is always the talk. Always. You learn over time that any difficult or even

different circumstance you go through, there will always be the talk.

But on this day, God sent a messenger to me as I walked in the store - a friend I had

not seen in a long time.

As soon as she saw me, she began to encourage: YOU CAN’T STOP THE GREAT



She went on to explain that these words were shared with her from Nehemiah 6:3

during a recent Bible study - and that she had thought of me when she heard them. She

explained how as Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall, people heard about it, stood

around, watched him work, and no doubt gave their opinions and advice to him.

Nehemiah’s response was, “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot stop: why

should the work cease, while I leave it, and come down to you?”

She looked directly at me and said, “Ann, you are doing a great work. Don’t stop.”

Although the conversation was 4 years ago, the message has been embedded in my

heart and mind. *I knew that I couldn’t stop. *I couldn’t worry about what others thought.

*My mission was of God. *My mission was important. *I was doing a great work.

I like how Nehemiah dealt with working on the project God had given him. He

prayed, prepared, and persevered until he was finished. Nothing - nothing - was going

to interfere with his great work!

How about you? *Don’t stop! *Don’t worry about what others think. *Your mission is

of God. *Your mission is important. *You are doing a great work.

(A side note to my friend who shared those words with me that day: You saw me.

You spoke the words into my life that the Holy Spirit prompted you to say. I went home,

wrote it down in my Bible, and dated it 2013. Who would have thought that those words

would be shared four years later to encourage my readers?)

Coincidence that I saw my friend that day? I don’t think so. I call it a God-incidence.

Let me know how your great work is going

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