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The Simple Things

Salisbury Post- January 20, 2018

What do these simple things have in common? A cactus, bush, whirlwind,

rooster, trumpet, stone, loaves and fishes?

They were all used for God’s purpose.

God transformed a cactus into an oasis. God revealed Himself through a

burning bush. God answered Job out of the whirlwind. A rooster reminded

Peter of the weakness of man and the grace of God. A trumpet was used

during the process of the walls of Jericho falling down. David had no trouble

slaying the giant with one small stone. Loaves and fishes were used to

perform a miracle of provision.

Small, simple things served big purposes for God.

They still do.

Sometimes, we just don’t give ourselves enough credit concerning those

small, simple daily tasks. Instead, we look ahead, waiting for the time and

opportunity to do great things, when in reality we already are…

Like praying with our children? Grocery store trips? Housework? Yard work?

Taking care of our family? Working from sunup till sundown? Paying the bills?

Doing our best at our jobs or at our school? Taking time to stop what we are

doing and listen?

Serving in our church? Caring for elderly parents? Visiting someone in a

hospital or nursing home? Volunteering? Choosing to ‘bite our tongue’ and

use kind words instead? Intentionally encouraging someone? Checking in on

a lonely or hurting friend? Wrapping our arms around someone who is

grieving? Praying? Reading God’s Word?

These may seem like small, simple things by the world’s standards, but they

serve big purposes for God. Small, simple things done with great love.

WWJD? Hmm….We know Jesus did miraculous things, but He also did the

simple things:

He prayed.

He went places.

He helped others.

Not only did Jesus come to die on the cross for our sins, but He also set a

beautiful example for us of how to live our daily lives.

Praying. Going places. Helping others.

I believe the Lord smiles over us as we perform the daily tasks that receive

no real recognition, but provide great love and support for others.

Walt Whitman said it nicely, “Happiness? Not in another place, but this place.

Not for another hour, but this hour.” I like Philippians 4:11 even more, “For I

have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

Every day is a gift. We need to savor every second of this life God has given

us - even when performing the small and simple daily tasks that have been

entrusted to us.

Oh, one more thing - Jesus rested.

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