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Where Are You?

Salisbury Post- September 25, 2018

The words, ‘Where are you?’ sure did jump out at me that morning as I opened my Bible. The three words from Genesis 3:9 kind of stopped me in my tracks, even though God was talking to Adam and Eve.

Having family members or friends ask me this question is a show of love because THEY want to know my location.

Having God ask me this question is also a show of love because He wants ME to know my location – and clearly see my situation.

I knew exactly where I was that morning: I was NOT where I needed to be.

When I read that question, my heart longed to cry out, “God, I’m right here with You! Good morning! Thank You for another day! I know this is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!”

Instead, I stared blankly at those words that seemed enormous, because I knew God had asked the question: Where are you?

Where are we?

1. Up close? In His arms? Allowing God to be part of each moment of our day. Trusting and resting in Him completely. Allowing Christ into every room of our life.

2. Close? But, not close enough? Still pray. Still serve. Still do daily devotions. But… we know in our heart that our busy life leaves little room for the relationship with God that we need. God loves us more than we love ourselves and He longs for fellowship with us.

3. Heading to a faraway land? Been in a close relationship with the Lord, but know we have slipped away? Hurt, bitter, discouraged, or paralyzed by our circumstance? It is not about religion. It is about a relationship – with Jesus. He misses us and wants us to move up close.

4. In a distant country? We may believe, but have never accepted Jesus into our hearts. Jesus came from heaven to earth to die on the cross for our sins. He rose again on the 3rd day and conquered death, so that we could live eternally with Him in heaven. Accept Him into your heart. Believe on Him. Confess Him as your Savior. The distance will melt away.

I have been in all these places.

But, it is my heart’s desire to stay in that Number 1 position: Up close and in His arms.


Sometimes, I have to redirect myself to get there.

But, when I draw near to Him, He draws near to me.

There is nothing sweeter on earth than fellowship with my heavenly father.


So… where are you?

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