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Salisbury Post- September 7, 2019

It was quite a nice conversation we had going on as a family. I had just told them my favorite Bible verse, when my then 8 year old grandson said, “My favorite Bible verse is Genesis 1:1. Just the first 3 words.” We all looked at him, nodded, and kept nodding, since no one had to open our Bible to look that verse up. I was thinking maybe it was the only verse he knew. But, he awaited our response, and then felt the need to explain, “Because that is where it all began – in the beginning – and without the beginning, there would be nothing. God is where everything starts.”


We were pleased hearing his explanation of the scripture, but even more pleased when he said, “But when you add in the 4th word and then it says, In the beginning God, that says it all, because without God there would have been no beginning. God is where it all started.”


Somehow, the simplicity of that comment seemed to carry great wisdom in it.


In the beginning God…


What a beautiful four words to hang our hats on – I mean – to hang our hopes on.


We have a lot of beginnings, don’t we? Beginnings are defined as the point in time or space where something starts. The beginning of a new job, beginning a new school year, beginning a family, beginning a diet, beginning a savings account, beginning to build a new home, beginning to heal, beginning a new commitment… the list is full of promise. Because…the beginning is where it all starts.


Think for a minute about a beginning in your life. Or in the life of a loved one.


Got it in your mind? See if this is some of your experience:


*God was there in the beginning. And… God is there in our beginning. He would not have brought us to it, if He could not bring us through it.


*Our present circumstances do not determine where we go – they only determine where we start.


*We had to do as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”


*What sometimes may have seemed like the end was really just a new beginning.


Facing a new beginning?

You can do it.

God is in our beginnings.

Ready? Set? Begin…

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