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Got your permit?

Salisbury Post- August 24, 2019

I got my permit! Those four words may very well be the most exciting words a 15 year old will ever say to their friends.


A permit is defined as the official documentation or authorization to do something.

But… the emotion that goes along with that permit, may pale in comparison to how the parent feels about relinquishing the driving of their 3000 pound vehicle to them while they practice.

And it does not get any easier when they are allowed to practice at night.


However, even though my preferred bedtime is 9:30, I willingly got in the car and traveled on the passenger side to purchase a much-needed milkshake at 10:00, because my 15 year old wanted to practice driving in the dark.


I reported to my passenger seat duty – ready to alert him to any – and all – pending obstacles.


The first comment he made after driving a few minutes was, “Look how the light lets you only see what is right in front of you. We are completely surrounded by darkness everywhere else.”


I felt a ‘God moment’ may have come, so I dared to shift my line of vision from the road in front of us and took a look around me.


He was right. We were enveloped by darkness – except for the light shining out from our vehicle.


I think I actually felt the darkness. To the right. To the left. Above. Behind. It was everywhere. Except in that one place – the direction we were heading – where it gave us all the light we needed to see the way.


Then, a few seconds later, a car was coming from the opposite direction without their lights on, and it honestly seemed a little scary for us both. That was when my 15 year old asked this wise question, “Why would they do that?”


I responded, “They failed to turn their lights on, and they probably do not even realize they don’t have light. They will figure it out before it’s too late, I hope.”


As I said those words, I instantly became a distracted supervising driver, because that was when I remembered a Bible verse I had read that morning: Isaiah 45:7 – I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I, the LORD, do all these things.


That Bible verse that had seemed unusual that morning sure was making sense on the dark road that night. It enveloped me – hovered sweetly in my mind – letting me know that my God created the darkness, but He also formed the light – and He watches over us in both darkness and light.


We may prefer to drive through life in the times of light, but we experience both light and darkness, don’t we?


And…both can help us to learn to be the person who God intends for us to be – and to serve the purpose that God intends for us to serve.


*And we do not have to be afraid of the dark because even when it seems to surround us, the light still shows us the way.


*So, I guess we all have our permit – if we know God – because He is the only documentation and authorization we will ever need. He is in control of it all!

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