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Feel Like a No-Name

Salisbury Post- October 14, 2017

  I had been invited to speak at a convention to approximately 300 people in what I would call a big city, uptown, first class hotel. Nervously traversing the streets to get to my location, I missed the turn-in to the hotel. And… due to construction (shocking, I know) I couldn’t get back to it without going for block after block of one-way streets and getting slightly lost. Upon arrival, I selected the valet parking option, knowing it was critical that I be there on time. 


  Once inside, I instantly felt surrounded by people that were beautifully attired and made me feel about 2 inches tall and around 90 years old. Inadequacy would be a good term for my feelings. A ‘no-name’ may be an even better one.


  I had no clue where I was supposed to go. After the aimless, wandering, deer in headlights, and totally clueless look on my face had time to manifest itself, I was approached by an important looking person who said, “Ann Farabee? I was waiting on you!”


  Ah! He was waiting on me! He was looking for me! I was then crowned with the placement of a photo name tag around my neck and escorted to a private executive lounge that was loaded with food and filled with super important people, who made a point of making me feel super important! 


  Three hours later, I left the convention accompanied by the company president, who wanted to ensure that I retrieved my car without spending a penny on my transportation. 


  Yep, I felt like royalty - definitely no longer a no-name! 


How about these no-names in the Bible?

 *The sinful woman? She went uninvited to where Jesus was dining, knelt behind Him, and poured the contents of her alabaster box on His feet, giving Him her all - the best she had to offer. (Luke 7:36-50) 

 *The leper? No way was he going to stay with the other nine lepers! He was determined to go back and thank Jesus! (Luke 17:15-16)

 *The thief on the cross? He was a sinner who asked Jesus to remember him. And…. Jesus did.  (Luke 23:42-43)

No-names?? No way!


  So, whether in a hotel, at work, in the hospital, at home, at school, in prison, in a nursing home, on the streets, in a homeless shelter…. no matter where we are - and no matter the circumstance - we are not a no-name!


  Isaiah 43:1 says that He calls us by our NAME! 

  Revelation 3:5 says that our NAME is in the book of life!


  That doesn’t sound like a NO-NAME to me! That sounds like someone will be waiting on us - looking for us - and calling out our name! They will meet us at the entrance, hand us a crown, escort us to the executive lounge - feast included, introduce us to all the VIP’s, and treat us like royalty. And…the price is paid for us to get there, so transportation will definitely not be a problem! 


  We are important to God, aren’t we? It is beyond our comprehension that somehow God loved us and thought we were special enough to send His Son to Earth to die so  we may live.


  I believe Jesus looked ahead in time - as He was bearing the weight of the sin of the world on that cross - and thought of me - Ann.  And… He thought of you by your name, too! That’s love.


  Who? Us? No-names? No way!! Not in the eyes of God! That’s for sure!

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