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Refrigerator Verse?

Salisbury Post- November 26, 2016

The holiday season is wonderful, isn’t it? Thanksgiving and Christmas are Christ-

centered, giving us reassurance and reminders that God is with us. Family time is front

and center. Days are full. At no other time of the year are we more likely to hear people

randomly burst into song! Deck the halls with boughs of holly… Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot

what I was doing for a second…

Did I mention the importance of food during the holidays? It’s overly available every day

every where! I have good news, though. It is a myth that we gain 5-7 pounds during the

holiday season. It is really only 1-2 pounds, so enjoy!

I know our refrigerators love this season, because they are always humming!

Some COOL refrigerator facts:

*Refrigerators have a direct link to our well-being and happiness. I am sure we are

supposed to have late night snacks, because there is a light in there. And… those

yummy leftovers. Are they really leftovers or should we just call them memories?

*The average person opens the refrigerator door 15-20 times a day. (I’m way above

average.) It is a proven fact that if we open the fridge door, close it, and open it 30

seconds later, nothing has really changed.

*Thank goodness the fridge and TV are far apart or we might not ever get exercise.

Oh, if your refrigerator is running, you do need to go catch it.

87% of families use refrigerator magnets. They can be a window to what matters -

helping to display documents, events, schedules, shopping lists, art, photos. The

refrigerator door can keep us on track, because even the most distracted people will

see it… since they have to eat.

During my visit to Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City, Pastor Jim Cymbala

autographed my copy of his book, ‘Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire,’ and wrote this verse on the

cover - Don’t worry about anything. Pray about everything. Philippians 4:6. This

experience nurtured my ‘hunger’ to display Bible verses on my refrigerator door.

‘Refrigerator Verses’ have now become part of my life. They have expanded to wall,

desk, T-shirt, mirror, and bookbag verses. Family members memorize them, visitors

mention them, repairmen, plumbers, cable workers - or anyone working in our home -

seem to marvel at them, as their gaze often lands on the refrigerator door.

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 says that God’s Word should be in our hearts. We should teach it to

our children. We should talk of it when we are sitting at home, when we walk, when we

lie down, and when we get up…. and we should write the words on the posts of our


As I planned this column, I asked friends to share their ‘Refrigerator Verse’ and received

over 100 responses, written - and in photos - showing the location of the verse in their

home or workplace. It was quite ‘cool’ and encouraging, even if the verses weren’t

always located on the refrigerator!

I knew these friends well enough that I could see their testimony shine through in their

‘Refrigerator Verse.’ God’s Word was at work in their lives! Bible verses in prominent

places remind us and others that God is in control, that our tests become our

testimonies, our messes become our messages, our trials become our triumphs, and

our lives become our legacies!

What’s your ‘Refrigerator Verse?’

I have now reached one of my writing goals - needing a Part 2!

So…in my next column, I will share ‘Refrigerator Verses’ from friends, and how those

verses gave me ‘windows’ into their hearts that touched my heart - and will touch yours.

Good stuff - I mean, God stuff! Are you excited?

One more thing: If God has a refrigerator, I believe our pictures are on it!

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