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Tell Them

Salisbury Post- January 14, 2017

We didn’t all grow up in a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ family, did we? Our lives have not been

perfect. But… just for the record - Beaver and Wally weren’t very perfect. They were

always getting into trouble. Plus, I remember an episode where Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver

sent the boys off to Sunday School, while they stayed home!

I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father. In my early years, my family didn’t go to

church. As a teenager, my life was difficult, BUT GOD - I love that phrase - began

placing pastors, teachers, leaders, friends, and ‘church attendance’ - in my life to fill the

gap in areas of need. I am now able to better understand the perfect ‘ordering of my

steps’ by God during that time.

One of the greatest influences in my life has been Dr. Garland Faw, who was my pastor

for 17 years, beginning when I was in college.

Jeremiah 3:15 says, “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall

feed you with knowledge and understanding.” I was most certainly fed with knowledge

and understanding during those years when my walk with the Lord was just


Here is some - and only some - of what I learned during those years:

* Accepting - If I am handed a gift, but don’t accept it, it is of no value. For by grace I

was saved through faith- not of myself. It was the gift of God.


* Praying - I can talk to my Heavenly Father. He hears me. He answers my prayers.


* Believing - I believe God in all things.


* Loving - I am to love others as Christ loved me. God loved me enough to send His

Son to die on the cross, so that I could be with Him in heaven. That’s a lot of love.


* Discipling - Why would I keep Jesus to myself? It’s not about religion. It’s about a

relationship. I am so glad I learned to share the Gospel with others.


* Praising - Praise God in the sanctuary. Praise God at home. Praise. God. Everywhere.


* Strengthening - My strength is from the Lord and is made perfect in my weakness.


* Submitting - God is All Powerful and All Knowing. I willingly submit to Him. How could I give Him any less than my all?


* Sacrificing - Time, money, talent. Give it to God. It all belongs to Him anyway.


* Serving - I will never regret a minute spent serving God - and I need to continually

serve. As long as I am still breathing, there is no place in life to stop.


* Sustaining - God sustains me. He holds me up, even if life tries to get me down.


* Studying - I must study God’s Word. It is alive and speaks straight to my heart.


* Returning - Jesus is returning to take us home to live with Him forever.

Lots of ‘ings’ to dwell on here, aren't there?


Thank you, Pastor Faw, for being the shepherd of our flock, guiding and leading us in

the Way. We were preached the truth and the truth set us free. I often tell others how

much your pastoral leadership meant to me, but today I am telling you. (Yes, I know you

read the Salisbury Post daily!)

How about you, my readers? Is there someone in your life that has had a huge

influence on you, but maybe you haven’t told them? Or you haven’t thanked them

lately? A pastor, teacher, parent, coworker, friend? Today is a great day to tell them.

Send them an email, a card, a text, a message, give them a call, write them a note, or

make a personal visit to let them know. They will be glad you did. And so will you.

Sometimes, I literally shake my head in amazement at how God has always sent just

the right people into my life - at just the right time - every time.

No, our lives have not been perfect, have they? But… they have been perfectly

orchestrated by God!

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