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Need Popcorn?

Salisbury Post- October 15, 2016

Have you ever been in the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, NC? It is a beautiful historical

landmark that was built in 1936 and rebuilt in 1948, after a fire destroyed it. It is one of

the oldest single screen movie theatres in continuous operation today, and is called “A

Gem of a Showplace.”

But for me, the first thing I notice when I walk through the doors is not what I see, but

what I smell! Yes… the popcorn! I don’t even think of the Gem Theatre without thinking

of the popcorn!

Ever read about the science of popcorn? No? Well, you won’t be reading about it

here, either. But, I do have a few popcorn ‘tidbits’ for you:

*Each kernel is special and it is safe to say that no two are exactly alike.

*Popcorn kernels contain oil, water, and starch, which are all surrounded by a strong

outer covering called a hull.

*Hot oil, water/steam gelatinizes the starch in the kernel, making what was once very

stiff become soft, tender, and pliable.

*When it feels the pressure - the intense heat (356-400 degrees Fahrenheit) - ruptures

the hull, which turns the kernel inside out - producing the popcorn! (Yes, popcorn pops

when it feels the heat!)

Guess about now, my faithful readers are looking for some sort of spiritual connection,

right? Here goes:

I am the kernel with the hard strong outer hull that kept me separated from God

because of my sin and unbelief. But, God loved me, and knew I was special and that no

one was exactly like me. His oil was the working of the anointing of the Holy Spirit that

was drawing me to Him. His living water worked in me to show me about salvation and

eternal life that I could only have through Him! The starch was the stiffness and

hardness I felt as I fought the conviction that came my way telling me I needed to

accept Jesus into my heart! And… God sent some really unbearable heat- pressure- so

that I realized I needed Him as my personal Savior!

The oil and water mixed together with the heat and made the ‘starchy me’ soft, tender,

and pliable. When I felt the unbearable heat of conviction, my outer shell was ruptured,

and my life was turned inside out!

Ephesians 2 tells me that I was made alive! I had been dead in sin. But God, who was

rich in mercy, and loved me, made me alive with Christ. By grace I was saved!

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells me that in Christ, I am a new creation! I love how Jesus changed

  • my hard outer shell by sending His anointing oil and living water and made me a new

    creation! That’s good stuff! I mean, God stuff!

    If I could read this to you personally, I would share it along with a bag of popcorn, and

    with some shouts of, “Thank You, Jesus!”

    *Kind of ‘corny’ connecting popcorn to my salvation, but I liked it!

    *You can go to the Gem Theatre and pay around $2.00 for popcorn, but you ‘butter’


    *I hope you paid attention, because a ‘pop’ quiz may be coming up one day!

    *If you come ‘ear’ often, I guess you know I like to write about food!

    *Thanks for ‘popping’ by to read my column!

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