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Giant Problems?

Salisbury Post- October 30, 2016

Giant problems? Insurmountable odds? Improbable victory?

Here’s a story about someone who had a giant problem: 1 Samuel 17 - The Philistines

- the giants - stood on a mountain on one side and Israel stood on a mountain on the

other side, with the valley between them. As was the custom, the strongest from each

camp would fight for the victory!

Enter the two main characters: GOLIATH and DAVID.


Goliath was almost ten feet tall and the strongest of the Philistines. He was called the

champion. He wore a brass helmet, brass coat, and brass shoulder and leg protection.

His staff had a strong spearhead. And… a shield bearer always went before him into

battle. He marched out dressed in full armor for 40 days to intimidate and put fear in the

hearts of the Israelites. Guess we could say Goliath was a 40 point favorite. Mr. Goliath

thought he was completely covered, but he didn’t have anywhere near the protection

David had - because David went in the name of the LORD!


David was not the obvious choice to fight Goliath, because Saul was the tallest of the

Israelites. Saul’s response to facing Goliath? Dismay and great fear! So, along comes

David. A lowly shepherd. He got up early - not to slay a giant, but to go to the camp to

take food to his brothers. He saw Goliath - not as a champion and a giant, but as

someone defying God. He knew there was a cause, there was a need to do the right

thing, AND that the battle was the Lord’s.

He put his staff in his hand, chose 5 smooth stones, put them in his shepherd’s bag,

and picked up his sling. He said, “Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear

and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the

armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.”

Then, David didn’t march - he RAN toward Goliath - with a sling and a stone. As he

ran, he got BOLDER and the stone became like a BOULDER! He threw it with such

force that it sank right into the uncovered part of Goliath - his forehead! Battle won.

*David didn’t need to know Goliath’s strength - he knew God’s.

*Goliath came with a sword. David came in the name of the Lord.

*Goliath thought he was too big to lose.

*Saul thought Goliath was too big to fight.

*David thought Goliath was too big to miss!

*It only took 1 stone. So…why did he carry 5? Goliath had 4 brothers.

*Did David do it or did God do it? YES!

Giant problems? Yes, we have them. Insurmountable odds? Go in the name of the

Lord. Improbable victory? It only takes one stone.

Wake. Pray. Slay.

Let me know how your giant slaying goes…

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