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Ready to Press Pause?

Salisbury Post- October, 1 2016

I recently heard an account from a 5th grade teacher about a student accidentally

bringing the family’s remote control to school one morning. I immediately envisioned a

desperate family member at home diligently searching for it throughout the entire school

day. For once, looking underneath the couch cushions was not going to be the answer!

Remote controls can be pretty important. I have learned that when I am interrupted

while watching a movie or video, I can often press a ‘pause’ button, and come right back

to it later.

Sometimes - in all areas of our lives - we need to practice using the pause, don’t we?

Some of my favorite times to ‘pause’ are: *When my patience is impatient. *When I

need a break. *When I remember I should be praying more. *When I remember that

family is more important than work. *When I need to take time to serve others. *When I

feel overwhelmed. *When someone is having a face-to-face conversation with me, and I

realize I keep looking down at my phone.

*A pause can provide peace.

*A pause can provide perspective.

*A pause can prioritize priorities.

*A pause can produce productivity.

*A pause can provide perception of purpose.

*And…. a pause can provide pleasure. On most remote controls, the word ‘play’ is

either connected to the ‘pause’ button, or is very close by. This close connection

between ‘pause’ and ‘play’ should encourage you to pause and play. How you play is up

to you. One example of a way to pause and play would be to pause and play with your

children or grandchildren. That usually provides great pleasure.

Just in case, you are not familiar with the ‘pause’ button - or use it infrequently - here

is what it may look like:

< ll >

* The first button ( < ) will take you back to the part you missed. That may or may not

be important. You decide. Keep Philippians 3:13 in mind: Forgetting those things that

are behind, and reaching forward to those which are before.

* The last button ( > ) will move you forward, but don’t go too fast! You may miss out

on something! Keep James 4:14 in mind: What is your life? It is a vapor, that appears

for a little time, and then vanishes away.

* The middle button ( ll ) is the pause. It is in the middle for a reason, because quite

often, you need to ‘press’ pause when you are right in the middle of something. Keep

Ecclesiastes 5:18 in mind: It is good and comely for one to eat and to drink and enjoy

the good of all his labor.

Ready to press pause? Locate the ‘pause’ button. Place your finger on the ‘pause’

button. Press pause! Enjoy…

Pause is powerful! Don’t be afraid to use it!

As for the student that had the ‘remote control’ with her at school - the item that had

been so important earlier at home became useless when it was no longer close to its

source. Just like in our lives - whether it is work, rest, or play, God is our source! So…

be sure to ‘pause’ during your day - and spend time with Him!

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