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Stay Awake

Salisbury Post- February 11, 2017

The news was everywhere! While I was asleep, Clemson won the National

Championship! Quarterback Deshaun Watson completed the game-winning pass with

one second remaining. For the first time in 40,619 days, Clemson had beaten Alabama!

For the first time in 35 years, Clemson had won the coveted trophy! My first thought as I

saw the news was, “If I had known that was going to happen, I would have stayed


Here’s a recap of the post game celebration:

Huddled as a team, helmets were lifted toward the sky. Shouts of joy were exclaimed!

Confetti was everywhere!

Coach Dabo Swinney proclaimed, “Only God can do this! I told the team that the

difference in the game was gonna be love. It was our time!”

Ben Boulware, Defensive Player of the Game, excitedly jumping up and down, said, “I’m

so happy to see the fruit of our labor, our hard work! We had the attitude, mentality,

mindset! It was not just for us! We all built this! Established this! It’s finally coming

home, baby! Coming home after 35 years!”

Deshaun Watson, often called the ‘face of the program,’ was filled with emotion while

proclaiming, “I knew it was gonna end the right way! We worked so hard for it! This

game wasn’t just for me! It was for my city, my family - bigger than just me - it impacts

people across the world! I told my teammates to keep believing in God. Don’t panic!

Let’s go be special! We are built for moments like this! Let’s go finish it!”

As the on-field interview ended, Watson said, “Thank you, Coach!” He then lifted his

eyes toward the sky, pointed his finger toward heaven - and gave thanks to God.

A commentator pointed out that it may be remembered as the most exciting final five

minutes in championship game history.

And… I slept through it.

Yep, I read about it. I heard about it. I saw the videos.

But… it is not the same as seeing it when it happens. Next time, I think I may try to stay


However, while watching the morning-after recap, I realized some great parallels to our

Christian lives:


*It is our time. *We are the face of God’s program. *The difference is going to be love.

*We are built for moments like this! *It’s not just for us. *We are impacting people across

the world! *We need to keep believing God. *We need to work hard. *We need the right

attitude, mentality, mindset. *We will see the fruit of our labor. *We do not need to panic.

*It is going to end the right way. *We need to finish it. *We need to say, “Thank You,


It was no ‘coincidence’ that I read this verse the day before the game:

1 Thessalonians 5:6 (NLV) Keep awake! Do not sleep like others! Watch and keep your

mind awake to what is happening.

Instead of calling that a ‘co-incidence,’ I think I will call it a ‘God-incidence.’

As Christians, we need to stay awake, alert, and always ready! There is no time to stop,

because the clock is running out! But…the good news - I mean - the ‘God news’ - is that

when the clock runs out and the final buzzer sounds, we are going to be the winners!

Now… Let’s go be special!

**** UPDATE: I am updating this column the morning AFTER the Super Bowl. Yes, I

went to sleep again! The last thing I remember, there were four minutes left in the

game. Atlanta was winning 28-20. Maybe NEXT time, I WILL stay awake.

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