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Is it Real?

Salisbury Post- March 30, 2019

Perhaps I should have been suspicious when my 10 year old son and his best friend were in his room for longer than usual, and only came out once – in search of black felt tip pens.

There was plenty to do in there – video games, an over-the-door basketball hoop, and thousands of valued basketball cards to sort through.

The year? 1996. Basketball cards were a big business, because according to my 10 year old, THAT pack you were opening might be THE pack that would change your life!

The boys eventually emerged from the room, and headed outside to play basketball, but not until they announced that they were going to begin selling cards at the flea market.

Hmm? Would that mean fewer cards in our home? How could that be bad news? I was so proud of my young entrepreneurs…

I went to the room to check out the mess left behind, and noticed immediately the Michael Jordan cards on the desk.

They were now autographed.

With… black felt tip pens.

I just shook my head.

Yes, the boys were now proud owners of autographed Michael Jordan cards, but there was nothing authentic about them. Their attempt to make the cards more valuable had actually caused them to lose their value.

23 years later, we still laugh about that day.

But… it also still reminds me that I want to be authentic in my faith. Real. Genuine. Not appearing to be something I am not. Don’t you?

2 Timothy 1:5 says, “I am reminded of your authentic faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois, and in your mother Eunice. I am sure that this faith is inside of you also.”


Our faith is formed inside us – Mother may have had it. Grandmother may have had it. Yes, our family’s faith can impact ours. But, our faith would not be genuine just because Mother’s was. Or because Grandmother’s was. Each of us must be authentic in our own faith.

And if our family has not left behind a legacy of faith, that legacy can begin with us.

Lord, help me to be real. Help me to be genuine and authentic in my faith. Help me to endure hardness, for I know the results are worth it. Help me to study to show myself approved. Help me to pray. Help me to be a vessel of honor. Help me to be a person You can use for Your highest purposes. Amen

Oh! Anyone interested in purchasing some basketball cards? We have lots of them in our attic…

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