Columns by Ann:

The Failure

That F in geometry did not look good. Nor did the D in Driver’s Education. I was a failure. I was a ... 

COVID Vaccine

7:45pm. It had arrived. COVID vaccine No. 1 was underway. It had been a journey to get to this point. After signing .

Mark My Word

His name was John Mark, but we call him by his last name — Mark. He was younger than those he hung ...

COVID Journey- Go to Rehab 

As I left my doctor’s office, all I could think of were her words that had been spoken ever so gently, “Your ... 

The Safety Net

In a recent column, I referenced feeling as if traversing through difficult circumstances was like trying to keep my balance on a ...

Pizza on Trees?

Teaching Sunday school to 6-8 year-olds was so much fun! I mean, how do you have greater moments in life than to ...

Be Easy

She did not crawl. She did not hold on to furniture as she tried to learn to walk. She went straight to ... 

Restart It

It was during a faculty meeting that I learned the news. We would be getting a classroom computer, take computer training, and ... 

One of my readers sent me this message, “I noticed that you write about hope a lot.”

I did not realize it, but I think they are correct.

Hope Full

The Most High

It was a battle that had gone on way too long.

It had intensified.

Light of the World

For many, going to a Christmas play is a holiday tradition that helps us visualize the story of the birth of Jesus, so we can hold it more tightly in our hearts.

Be a Master Builder

At my home, we have an abundance of Legos. Christmas means more Legos are coming — if there are some available we do not own yet.

Grace is Amazing

His name was John.

His mother died when he was seven. Spiritual training stopped.

Work Hard, Do Your Best

Work hard. Do your best.

It was time for parent-teacher conferences at the end of the first nine weeks. 

Feeling Thankful

Feeling thankful? Should we be feeling thankful? 2020 has been a year. And we are still here. 

Ring the Doorbell

It was early in my COVID journey. Our family was quarantined. We did not ask for help. But others listened to their hearts, as God placed it in their spirit to help us. 

My COVID journey, part 7 — The hope

That word — COVID — still feels like it belongs to someone else — not me.

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