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Annual Review

Salisbury Post- July 2, 2016

Happy Anniversary to me! July 4 is the anniversary date of my first year as a

columnist for the Faith section of the Salisbury Post!

What? You missed some of my columns? Here’s my annual review:

*The Children - Jesus took time for the children and so should we.

*Got Fruit? Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is. Show love, joy, peace,

patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

*Are You Broken? It’s about God’s provision, plan, purpose, providence, power,

and proximity. One day when you least expect it, the sun will shine again.

*Need Rest? RE-fresh, RE-member, RE-store, RE-direct, RE-lax, RE-juvenate,

RE-cover, RE-group, RE-vitalize, RE-connect, Ready…set…REST!

*Ready for School? Sleep, breakfast, say good-bye with a prayer….

*The Wait - I love adverbs. I waited PATIENTLY for the Lord.

*Labor of Love - Do we even need to call it labor? Let’s just call it love.

*Getting Old? Keep working, take heart, and know that it’s all VERY GOOD!

*The Battle is Real - Encourage yourself. Inquire. Pursue. Help. Ask for help.

Smote to overtake. Recover all.

*What do these stones mean? Yes, they will ask you. Tell them. They need to


*Are you in prison? Have freedom through a relationship with Christ. Your

heart, mind, and spirit can never be confined to prison walls.

*Are you in darkness? You don’t have to stay there. Reach up. The light switch

is right above you. And the Power is always on…

*It’s my pleasure - Thank you for making me a columnist.

*Ready to go home? Come to yourself. Get up. Go to the Father. While you are

a long way off, He will see you- because He’s been looking for you.

*Let’s armor up - One helmet, one breastplate, one belt, one pair of shoes, one

shield, one sword. Priceless. Enjoy being armored up. I do.

*It’s amazing! - Amazing truths I love: Angels strengthen when we pray. He’s a

God of second chances. Jesus set Barabbas free. Jesus carried my sins. I’m

forgiven. He conquered death.

*I love heartburn - It may very well be one of the most wonderful walks ever…

the road to Emmaus. One walk. From heartbreak to heartburn.

*Watch your mouth - Our. Words. Have. Power. Be a rainbow in someone’s


*Immeasurably more moment - God can… do more than we can ask, imagine,

or even think.

*Here’s Hope - Have hope? If you don’t, it’s not too late to get it.

*The Touch - Keep pressing through the crowd! The touch of God in your life ….

there’s nothing like it.

*One thing that remains - I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of


*It’s not good news - But… I trust You, Jesus. I trust You, Jesus. I trust You,


If you want to read any of these columns in their entirety, check them out on in the Faith section. I am hopeful that next year’s annual

review will require a Part 1 & Part 2. Thank you for reading my columns. It really

is my pleasure.

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